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RO Water Plant

In the era where no surface is left untouched by pollution and contamination. The society and its activities have degraded the quality of water as well which is unsafe for consumption in any way. Owing a heed to this issue Ohm Sai Industries brings its customers reliable range of RO water plant. These water plants basically works in several stages, in the first stage sediments and dirt is removed with filters and then carbon filters reduces organics and chlorine along with odor from water. Later the osmosis membrane of the product kills and segregates all kinds or bacterias and virus from the liquid and then in the last stage taste of water is worked upon. The entire plant is made of sinless steel and is 100 % water proof.

Industrial R.O.Plant
Industrial R.O.Plant
FULLY S.S. INDUSTRIAL R.O.PLANT, * Safe Drinking Water.* Easy to Install & Service.*Fully Automatic System.*Remove Active & Inactive Bacteria